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"I love The Growing Kitchen's Mary's Way Salve.  It is a fabulous topical product. It can be used for many different ailments, anything from joint and muscle pain to skin conditions.  I use it for everything!  I highly recommend this salve."

"One of my favorite edible lines. You will definitely be pleased. Always reliable."

"I love the chill pills! They really help with my pain."



"It's hard to find an edible product that doesn't hit too hard and too fast. The chill pills taste great and leave you with a great mellow high."

"I had an unfortunate experience consuming a 65 mg cookie by another manufacturer and I had to be taken in an ambulance to the hospital. When I found the Rookie Cookie, it was exactly what I was looking for. The dosage was clearly labeled and the name clearly describes the dosage. The taste of this cookie is also remarkable. All that is missing is a glass of milk before bedtime. Thank you for taking the time to educate as well as create quality products to help patients who are seeking medical cannabis."

"I was having some spasms and a good deal of pain in my low back, but your Mary's Way Salve has helped a great deal."

"The Growing Kitchen products are the only thing that I have found to help my insomnia."

"These are the best products on the market and the only edibles I will every eat."

"My husband and I love The Growing Kitchen.  Pretty much everything we've had so far is amazing in quality, taste, and medicinal consistency, and it's a great price, too! We appreciate all that you guys are doing and welcome the opportunity to share how great your products are with every dispensary we go to.  Keep up the great work!"

"The Growing Kitchen Grape God concentrate is the best tasting concentrate I have ever had."

"All the edibles I have ever tried from The Growing Kitchen have tasted good and definitely get the job done. The shatter is also very potent and very clear."

"I love these products. They have great taste and are always a consistent dose of medicine."

"I am a medical patient here in Colorado, and I have found that your edibles are pretty much the only ones that actually work for me."


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