Our business, our community and our planet are integral to one another.

The Growing Kitchen is dedicated to improving the health and happiness of our world, both globally and locally.


Our Pledge

We believe we have a responsibility to leave this world better than we found it.

Locally, this takes the shape of healthy job creation, environmental stewardship, and charitable contributions.

Globally, we aim to reduce suffering, hunger, pollution, and war with our commitment to natural medicines and organic practices.

Through research and development of cannabis and hemp products, we hope to make a significant impact by offering healthy, plant-based alternatives.

Our Solution

It is bold to suggest that a plant could reduce pollution, suffering, and war. However, being bold allows our communities to grow stronger.

We have found that the concerns we share bring us together more than they set us apart.

We refuse to be the generation that allows a disproportionate fear cost us the profound possibility we have uncovered with cannabis medicine.

Our promise is to continue to work responsibly to uncover all the ways we can benefit from this versatile plant.


Our Community

Our community is our backbone, and we are committed to keeping it strong.

We believe in supporting public radio and other local charities that improve the quality of life of those around us.

We are firmly committed to providing our employees with living wages, generous benefits, and a supportive work environment.

We also do our part to be a responsible neighbor and steward of our beautiful 25-acre plot of land and all of the creatures who call it home.

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