Health care solutions with the healing powers of herbs.

Recreational & Medical Natural Medicines

MaryMint Tincture Spray

Our delightful tincture spray that is easy and discreet. You'll find it as refreshing as it is effective. Now featuring honey harvested from our very own bees, hand-raised on our 25-acre Boulder farm. The Marymint Tincture Spray is the most potent medicine in our collection, and is extremely helpful in quickly alleviating nausea, irritability, extreme pain, and insomnia.

Active THC: Recreational - 75 mg (1 mg per spray); Medical - 150 mg (2 mg per spray)
Variety: Hybrid
Ingredients: Dairy free

Mary's Way Salve

A smooth salve that packs a powerful healing effect with a fresh, minty feel. This non-psychoactive topical deep tissue rub is great for sore muscles, inflamed joints, lower back pain or headaches. It combines the healing power of cannabis with a sumptuous blend of olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax. This salve also makes a powerful decongestant when rubbed on your temples and chest, or added to a bath.

Active THC: Less than 10 mg
Variety: Hybrid
Ingredients: Organic, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free



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