Colorado's best cannabis Mother's Day gift.

Announcing our new Starter Kits, the ideal present for Colorado moms.


Press Release

The Growing Kitchen Releases Colorado’s First Cannabis Starter Kit for Mother’s Day
May 4, 2015


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and The Growing Kitchen’s new Starter Kits provide a cannabis-infused gift that will win any mom’s heart. Full of edibles, smokables, and cannabis-infused wellness products, these Starter Kits provide moms an easy introduction to the ever-expanding world of infused products. Plus, the low-dose edibles inside offer a safe, comfortable introduction to marijuana-infused products for mothers who are infrequent or occasional cannabis users.

As the retail cannabis market evolves in Colorado, there is increased diversity in the age, gender, and parental status of people who enjoy cannabis. Mothers comprise one of the fastest-growing demographics of retail cannabis users, but some are sporadic consumers or unfamiliar with the world of marijuana-infused products. The Growing Kitchen’s new Starter Kits offer a convenient way to safely explore the offerings of Colorado’s new cannabis industry.

The kits contain the premier offerings of The Growing Kitchen’s low-dose collection: Edibles containing 10mg of THC or less, the amount recommended as a standard dose by the State of Colorado. They also include non-psychoactive cannabis salve, a healing infused lip balm, and a gram of kief-coated infused flower for smoking. All of The Growing Kitchen’s products are dosed to be enjoyed safely, whether or not one frequently consumes cannabis, making them a perfect choice for a wide range of moms.

The Growing Kitchen’s Starter Kits are available for a limited time only at a number of dispensaries across Colorado. Please contact The Growing Kitchen at 303.578.8454 / or visit our website at for more details.


Starter Kits contain:

  • Rookie Cookie (10mg active THC)

  • Heavenly Honey Lemon Chill Pills (50mg active THC, 5 mg per hard candy)

  • Mary’s Way Salve (0.10 mg active THC)

  • Live Out Loud Lip Balm (<10mg active THC)

  • Infused Flower (THC levels vary by strain)

  • Reusable Fabric Exit Bag (saves on packaging waste)


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