Our mission is to transform the world through the healing power of plants.

We believe that organic herbs can significantly improve the quality of life on our planet.


Our Mission

The Growing Kitchen strives to foster health, healing, and happiness for the people and communities we serve. 

We do this by researching, refining, and expanding our choices with health-conscious, planet-smart products that are produced locally with our customers and community at the center of every thought. 

By broadening the concepts of possibility, we aim to improve the quality of life and quantity of years for all living things.

Our Motivation

The Growing Kitchen on the front lines of an inspiring global cultural shift taking place regarding cannabis’s role in our communities.

We are motivated by advances in cannabis research and by witnessing this plant's beneficial impacts on people's lives.

We feel we have a responsibility to respond to the wealth of information now available about the healing powers of organically and sustainably farmed cannabis, particularly its non-lethal uses as a pain-reliever and its ability to function as a renewable source of fuel, fiber, and food. 


Our Commitment

We believe being an environmental leader is congruous with our mission.

We aim to promote a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for our local community, patients, visitors, and employees.

To this end, we are committed to using only the most sustainable organic methods to create our products.

Our craft is born of respect for the Earth and all her creatures so we can be stronger for longer.  

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