A new and improved Marymint Tincture Spray.

Announcing Colorado's most discreet way to enjoy cannabis, now featuring farm-raised honey & in-depth contaminant testing.


Press Release

The Growing Kitchen
Erica Blair, Marketing Coordinator

JULY 17, 2015


    The Growing Kitchen announces the launch of its new and improved Marymint Tincture Spray, the most convenient and discreet way to enjoy cannabis on the go. This reformulated Tincture Spray features honey from bees hand-raised on our 25-acre Boulder farm, refreshing organic peppermint, and 75 milligrams of active THC extracted from whole-flower cannabis grown on our own sun-drenched organic farm. New Marymint Tincture Sprays will be available for purchase at licensed retail and medical dispensaries beginning mid-August.

    Thanks to the addition of our own local honey, the Marymint Tincture Spray now boasts a longer and more stable shelf life than ever before. It is also accompanied by new, sleek packaging that is Child Resistant for both retail and medical clients, as well as easier for dispensaries to display on their shelves

    With the introduction of this reformulated Tincture Spray, The Growing Kitchen is once again leading the way in product safety testing. Just as The Growing Kitchen pioneered potency testing for marijuana-infused products, we are now raising the bar for consumer knowledge of contaminant levels. Each package features the results of six-panel contaminant testing by Gobi Analytical, the only firm in Colorado to be certified for pesticide and herbicide contaminant tests. The Growing Kitchen is currently the only manufacturer of marijuana-infused products to test and label these contaminant levels on our packages.


Please note: The Growing Kitchen is offering free product replacement, plus a complimentary Mary’s Way Salve, for Marymint Tincture Spray in old packaging (shown below on the left). Please arrange replacement by contacting The Growing Kitchen at 303.574.8454 / info@thegrowingkitchen.org.

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