Frosty infused flower, individually packaged for sale.

Top kola buds rolled in crystalline kief for an enhanced smoking experience.



Ready for purchase by the ounce or pre-packaged in grams.

Take some time to treat yourself with The Growing Kitchen's Infused Flower. We take the choicest buds of our homegrown cannabis and roll them in trichome-heavy kief to add extra flavor and cannabinoids. The result is a delectable dry caviar that is potent, delicious, and highly effective. Lucky you!

Beginning the week of April 6, our Infused Flower will be available for order in individually packaged grams as well as by the ounce.



Our Infused Flower is made by infusing whole buds of our highest-grade cannabis with kief crystals to produce a delicious cannabis caviar. The combination of flower and kief produces a phenomenal effect unlike flower alone. Infused flower varieties differ by strain and include indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.

Active THC: Strain specific
Variety: Strain specific