At The Growing Kitchen, we remember plants as medicine. 

By unlocking Mother Nature's potential for health and healing, we believe we can create significant long-lasting benefits for people and the planet.

Who We Are

The Growing Kitchen is a local, family-run business that supports changing the world through the power of plants. We began from the notion that by increasing access to cannabis, we could positively impact the quality of life in our community.

We are farmers, bakers, and craftspeople, and our commitment is to aid in the wellbeing of our customers by producing the highest quality cannabis-infused products. We accomplish this by growing 100% of the cannabis used in our products, so we can ensure the integrity of the ingredients and provide the highest possible health benefit.

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What We Do

The Growing Kitchen aims to serve as a leader in environmental sustainability within our industry and community. We recognize that the health of our community is reliant on the health of the planet, and we strive to support both by relying on the best environmental practices available.

We see cannabis as an essential component of creating a healthier world, and thus aspire to produce the healthiest cannabis products possible. To achieve this, our practices include a commitment to single-origin cannabis, whole-plant extractions, organic ingredients, cannabis-oil infusions & low-dose products.

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Why We Do It

At the center of our business is the firm knowledge that plants are medicine. Our pledge is to support their healing powers. We have witnessed the phenomenal ability of natural medicines to heal our bodies and our planet. The Growing Kitchen is invested in finding the most effective ways to extract the healing powers of herbs for the benefit of our community.

We have made a pledge to support the health, healing, and happiness of our customers and our community. This includes supporting charitable ventures, promoting natural medicines, and a unwaivering commitment to our employees.

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